Most Innovative Career Transition Coach – North America 2021

Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards by Corporate Vision

I am excited to share that Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. was named “Most Innovative Career Transition Coach – North America 2021” by Corporate Vision magazine. Woot!

This award means a lot to me because the way we work with professionals in career transition is very different (and yes, innovative). We look at the person and professional to help them determine their right next step. One size doesn’t fit all.

Read the full-page article on Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. in the January 2022 edition of Corporate Vision News that was sent to 155,000 business leaders across the globe here.

In addition, we work to mitigate the anxiety and depression that necessarily comes with the uncertainty of career transition, even if the client hasn’t experienced much of it previously. This is our differentiator, and my book, This Isn’t Working – Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression will be released in fall 2022.

2021: Year in Review

Buh-bye 2021 – You won’t be missed!

If I were to write a review for 2021 it might be “Would not recommend.” The Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer would definitely spit out this year in the rotten category, if I had my way.


I summarize the past two years this way:

2020 = WTF
2021 = FFS

This year was only marginally better than 2020, in my opinion. The pandemic lingered on and loomed over us, even as we opened up and partied like it was 1999 over the summer here in Chicago, or at least I did – sort of.

I did get back to seeing live music, but outside, and masked when in close contact. I did not go to anything that was going to be packed. I still don’t.

My prediction for 2022 is WTAF, as infection rates are at all-time highs and we are looking at a bleak winter here in the U.S. Friends who live in the New York area and also those who work in hospitals (and have had all the shots) are home sick with COVID. This isn’t even close to over, folks.

Let’s add in The Great Resignation of 2021 that is soon to become Employee Exodus 2022. You heard it here first. People won’t be able to leave fast enough after bonus checks clear. Employers will be reeling.


I am grateful to Corporate Vision magazine for naming Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. “Most Innovative Career Transition Coach – North America” as part of the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021. The official announcement will be in January 2022, and we will have a full-page editorial online with the other winners, and in the following edition of the magazine. Exciting!

I have to say that what we do and how we do it IS a little different, and yes, innovative. Our focus on mindset and mitigating the anxiety and depression that accompanies career transition, even if you don’t normally experience much of that, truly sets us apart.

In fact, I am currently writing a book on this. See below.  

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The Entrepreneur to Employee Journey in 2021

Lots of professionals are reinventing themselves in 2021. The entrepreneur to employee transition is totally possible, but you will likely need some help.

Natasha was a fitness instructor and nutrition coach whose business was severely impacted by the pandemic. During this time, she realized that what she actually wanted was to go back to corporate – but in a different role.

We worked together to develop her resume and talking points, and to showcase her incredible star power.

She presented the best and brightest version of herself and landed her dream job at Grant Cardones’s company, Cardone Ventures.

Here’s how she tells the story.

Planning for the Pivot

It was an absolute joy to work with my beloved alma mater, Vassar College, and give a workshop for the Vassar Club of the Bay Area today.

I answered questions about transitioning from a global leading brand to a smaller tech company, and how to transition from entrepreneur to employee.

Someone asked about how to launch a course or training program, and someone else wanted suggestions for making their current job in academia more manageable.

In short, every question was a curveball, but we dove in and explored options. So fun!

I’ll be presenting with the Chicago Vassar Club in late June. I was on the board for years in the 90s and it will be great to reconnect.

Career Transition Coaching Service of the Year 2021

My company, Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., has been named Career Transition Coaching Service of the Year as part of the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2021 – WOW!

I am grateful for the acknowledgement of the results we get for our amazing clients.

What a great way to start the year.

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