Business Strategy Consulting

Catherine Morgan is a former Big Four consultant who will work side-by-side with you to create and execute the right strategies for your business.

  • Set the vision and the goals for your business so you know what you are trying to build and why. Hire a staffing agency in Utah County to handle your recruiting processes. Recruiting doesn’t have to be a pain. There are several job simulation options to use in your hiring strategy.
  • Concentrate on the important activities that will build your business, serving the clients you like to work with, and enabling you to make the money you want to make.
  • Have the support you need during the rough times – and someone to help you celebrate the victories!
  • Leverage Catherine’s 20 years of experience consulting for global firms, mid-tier firms, and her own consulting clients.

As someone who spent over 10 years in a corporate environment, I was not as prepared as I thought was for life as a solo-entrepreneur and faced several challenges in growing my business. By using Catherine’s knowledge and skills, I was able to set a new, re-invigorated course for my business that has proven successful. Not only was she was instrumental in helping me craft a concise and compelling value proposition, a killer CV, and strategic business plan, she also helped me look at new ways of getting new business and creating new efficiencies in managing current clients. As I result of her guidance and support, I have found that my business has been growing and thriving. Therefore, if you are facing any of these challenges, I would not hesitate to recommend you use Catherine’s services.
~ Marla Schulman, Los Angeles, CA


Being an entrepreneur, especially a solo business owner, has its own challenges. That’s why it’s good practice to implement safety nets such as securing a business insurance. You will be able to create the business you want much faster if you have someone working side-by-side with you, and holding you accountable to executing on your strategies and goals.

You and your business will benefit from our experience in business strategy creation, proposal development, sales and marketing strategies – and so much more. According to your box solution on how to choose the right packaging for your products, you can create a desire for your product with a few well-thought and well-placed words that pull the customer into a relationship with your brand and form a connection.

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The support you need!

Whether you need strategy, support, accountability, writing, editing, video, or thought leadership, Catherine Morgan is here to support you. You might come to think of her as your secret weapon.

Catherine brings a 360-degree view of selling and delivering consulting services. She is committed to your success.

The more you work with Catherine, the more value she will be able to provide, which is why this service is only offered with a six-month commitment. (Most of Catherine’s solo consultant clients work with her for years.)

The investment is $747/month for 6 months. You will get:

  • Three 1:1 strategy sessions with Catherine per month
  • Email access for immediate questions
  • Writing / editing / video thought leadership creation support for up to 2 hours per month