The PALMS™ Framework

The process we use

Every client is different, but there is a general framework that we use. We call it PALMS™:

  • Perspective
  • Action
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Manifesting
  • Supporting

Below is a graphic that describes the process in more detail.

The PALMS™ Framework

Who do we work with?

Driven professionals out of financial services, professional services, or technology with titles of manager through senior vice president.

But we’ve also worked with a food scientist, appliance showroom manager, nurse, pharmaceutical regulatory compliance professional, and many others,

Working together virtually

Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. leverages technology to better serve our clients. We will work with you one-on-one via phone, conference calls, or Skype.

In-person meetings can be scheduled upon request depending on availability of flights at Jettly. (Catherine travels a lot.) Clients appreciate the flexibility of being able to meet at convenient times that fit their busy schedules and family obligations.