Resumes That Work for You

Resume Development

We help you develop a resume that showcases your experience and credentials to prospective employers. We will create a resume that has both written and visual impact.

Get your resume noticed and make it past initial screenings.

Feel more confident about presenting your resume to potential employers.

Know that you are a rock star who can add value to any organization.

Have an easier job search because you enjoy sending out your resume.

What do you get?

1. Professional and visually compelling Microsoft Word version of your one-page or two-page resume and a PDF.

2. An updated LinkedIn headline and summary.

I needed a powerful, streamlined resume and cover letter to help me stand out above the crowd. Before talking with Catherine, I’d spent hours writing and rewriting. Catherine helped me cut through all that and get it done well and fast. Not only did she listen and zoom in on what I wanted and needed, she told me exactly what to do: step 1, step 2, step 3. She gave me the confidence and know-how I needed to get them done and delivered! I give Catherine my highest recommendation!!
~ Jody Jacobson, PhD (on LinkedIn)

There are situations where it is critical to work with an experienced resume writer, someone
who will understand your background and help you translate your experience, making you look like the ideal candidate for your desired outcome. If $747 sounds like a lot of money to you, please read this email from a recent client. The ROI can be exponential.

“Catherine, I wanted to share with you that I have accepted an offer for a VP position with a group located here in <City>. This one will be a unique opportunity as I am coming onboard at a time when the company is very new but is focused on growth and needs someone with my skills and experience to build the Property Management division and mentor the existing team members. I took the jump in responsibilities and salary and am very grateful for the work you and I put into the process.”

This client knew that he was ready to make a big leap forward, but was concerned that potential employers would not immediately see his value. Crafting the right resume and working on his talking points helped him get the job he wanted in the city he wanted to stay in.

Note: Since most of our clients are professionals with at least 10 years of work experience, we assume that you will be able to provide us with a previous version of your resume as a starting point. Price: $747