2021: Year in Review

Buh-bye 2021 – You won’t be missed!

If I were to write a review for 2021 it might be “Would not recommend.” The Rotten Tomatoes’ Tomatometer would definitely spit out this year in the rotten category, if I had my way.


I summarize the past two years this way:

2020 = WTF
2021 = FFS

This year was only marginally better than 2020, in my opinion. The pandemic lingered on and loomed over us, even as we opened up and partied like it was 1999 over the summer here in Chicago, or at least I did – sort of.

I did get back to seeing live music, but outside, and masked when in close contact. I did not go to anything that was going to be packed. I still don’t.

My prediction for 2022 is WTAF, as infection rates are at all-time highs and we are looking at a bleak winter here in the U.S. Friends who live in the New York area and also those who work in hospitals (and have had all the shots) are home sick with COVID. This isn’t even close to over, folks.

Let’s add in The Great Resignation of 2021 that is soon to become Employee Exodus 2022. You heard it here first. People won’t be able to leave fast enough after bonus checks clear. Employers will be reeling.


I am grateful to Corporate Vision magazine for naming Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. “Most Innovative Career Transition Coach – North America” as part of the Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2021. The official announcement will be in January 2022, and we will have a full-page editorial online with the other winners, and in the following edition of the magazine. Exciting!

I have to say that what we do and how we do it IS a little different, and yes, innovative. Our focus on mindset and mitigating the anxiety and depression that accompanies career transition, even if you don’t normally experience much of that, truly sets us apart.

In fact, I am currently writing a book on this. See below.  


Revenue here at Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. was “lumpy,” but overall, the best year to date. I was able to work with some truly amazing professionals this year and help them find great opportunities. The job market was hot!


Even if you come at your work from an attitude of service and with your full heart, if you’re in the public eye, you will get trolled. Sometimes by friends.

This is something I learned the hard way this year. I thought I had “rhino skin” at this point, since I have been putting myself out there for 12 years. I was wrong.

I was shocked to get trolled in the comments on a post and further in LinkedIn messages by a colleague who went off on me about my belief that ageism often isn’t, and is frequently self-inflicted by coming in entitled or passive aggressive. More often than not, it’s a WAGE issue and not an AGE issue. If a junior person could do the job adequately, it’s a money question, and in the hiring manager’s shoes, you would do the same thing. Call it by its right name.

I also got some terrible feedback in addition to some incredibly positive feedback for a session I did for my alma mater. I did spot coaching on completely random questions and topics, and I do not know a single coach who could have navigated that session.

I am still pissed about this feedback. I tied the content I presented back to every bullet point in the marketing text. I don’t know what that person signed up for.

Seriously though, what is wrong with people? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all!

A dear friend told me you’re not doing your job as a presenter unless you get some bad feedback because you are phoning it in. It made me feel better – for a minute.

Group coaching

I started a coaching group in March and that was by far and away the best thing I did for my business this year. We meet on Mondays and Thursdays at noon EST for an hour. Participants have consistently said the support and accountability was hugely valuable. I have come to believe that going through job search alone is cruel.

Professionals in career transition can only join the group, but most people opt for individual VIP coaching, which also gets them access to the group for no additional investment (such a deal!).


I loved partnering with my dear friend, Carolyn Dragon, and her organization, TENWOMENSTRONG. We began with a half-day training that was very well received called ResurfA.C.E in early March. I merged my process into her framework and it was a delicious combination, kind of like a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.

Carolyn’s superpower is activating people, and it was so fun to be a co-facilitator with her and support the A.C.E. Leadership Virtual cohort over three months. We went deep for a season with some incredible women. I learned a lot about myself and how I like to work, i.e., shorter programs are better for my short attention span. I’ll just own that.

New book!

I did the hardest thing I have ever done and wrote a book, This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. As I write this in late December 2021, the completed book draft is with my editor. I’ll get feedback in January and can hopefully target a publishing date in June 2022. (Fingers crossed.)

I did the right thing partnering with Indigo River Publishing, and I can’t wait to see the electronic version distributed through Simon & Schuster (!), in addition to Amazon and others. You can learn more at www.thisisntworkingbook.com.

Let me repeat that the above project kicked my ass in every possible way. I went into it knowing it would be hard and a slog, but the size of a book vs. blog posts or my eBook completely buried me. I could not wrap my hands around it. It took FOREVER.

The pain of this must be forgotten over time, like childbirth, or nobody would ever write a second book.

I let my other creative interests slip during this year, focusing exclusively on the book. In 2022, I need to bring back drawing, dancing, and playing music.


So, what is coming in 2022 here at Point A to Point B Transitions? A BIG book launch!

That and serving my amazing clients as we move into our twelfth year of helping people see possibility, especially when they can’t.

Wishing you health and happiness in the New Year!