This Isn’t Working! Book Launch Publicity

My book was published on January 31, 2023. Woot! 

You haven’t ordered your copy yet? You can do that here on Amazon You also can buy it wherever you buy books.

This is a small book with a big mission to evolve working so it works better for everyone. To that end, I am trying to get as much publicity as possible this year, because if people don’t know about the book, it can’t help them. 

Here is what I have booked so far:

Love Books Tours

This is so fun. My book will be featured on all of these blogs in February. Such a thrill to get in front of new audiences.

Live online events

Phil Gerbyshak will be interviewing me live on his show. Phil is a dear friend and former client, and his story is included in my book. I have no idea where this conversation will go, but I promise it will be interesting! Watch live or catch the recording on YouTube and Facebook on January 26 at 2 EST. 

Therapist John Cordray agreed to do a live with me on his Mental Health Community website. We are still finalizing the date.  

Podcast guest 

Unstoppable Mindset podcast with Michael Hingson, the New York Times best-selling author of Thunder Dog: The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide Dog, and the Triumph of Trust. We will be talking about working longer in life, and why that isn’t always a bad thing – and lots of other juicy topics.

The Maverick Paradox podcast with Judith Germain. We’ll be talking about how leaders can support employees’ mental health in the workplace, how they can do that at a manager and organization level, and why there is a huge ROI for above average mental health support – 11 productive days per employee. An APA survey that found 81% of employees surveyed said they would be looking for workplaces that support mental health in the future.

Helping Organisations Thrive podcast with Julian Roberts. I will be sharing client transformation stories and how professionals can get back on track even when their career has been derailed for 12-18 months. 

#dogoodwork podcast with Raul Hernandez Ochoa. We’ll be talking about how I was laid off three times in four years, and how resilience is a critical skill we all need to have. 

Real Job Talk podcast with Kathleen Nelson Troyer and Liz Bronson (Kat and Liz). We’ll be identifying elephants and poking sacred cows, which seems to be my life’s mission.

BIGG Success Show Podcast with George Krueger and Mary-Lynn Foster. My book will be an episode sponsor!

Financially Well Off podcast with Christopher Alarcon. We’ll be talking about how to be successful while working from home, which I have been doing for over a decade.

America Back to Work with S2Verify. Topic TBD.

Quoted in the media

CBSnews.comWorkers who remain after job cuts feel “layoff survivor guilt” by Megan Cerullo

Guest blog posts

The Franchise King blog (Joel Libava) to be published soon “Can Former Franchise Owners Get Corporate Jobs?”


A former colleague reached out to me to see if I would be interested in giving a virtual presentation for a Fortune 10 women’s employee resource group (ERG). (YES!) We are still working out the details. 

Does your ERG or association need a speaker to talk about what’s really going on at work and how we can feel better and work better? Please reach out.