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Catherine Altman Morgan and small business advocate and 2x New York Times bestselling author Carol Roth

As an entrepreneur, you are your business. It isn’t possible to separate the solopreneur as a person from the business – so we coach both the person and the business.

Our clients stabilize their lives and create businesses that support their goals and desired lifestyles.

How do we do this? We go deep. We get messy. We roll up our sleeves and immerse ourselves. We truly care as much about our clients’ success as they do – sometimes more!

Catherine Morgan is a trusted provider of outstanding business and professional consulting work. Catherine has worked as the Business Unplugged community manager, and has curated outstanding content that is noted amongst the best in the small business community. I have worked with Catherine in other capacities as well and HIGHLY recommend her as a speaker and coach. Catherine is bright, articulate, easy to work with and never disappoints. I give her my highest recommendation AND respect.
Carol_Roth_tw_400x400~ Carol Roth, Recovering Investment Banker, 2x New York Times Bestselling Author & Small Business Expert

Most small business clients retain us for years. We are a valued part of the team, and a major contributor to the success of the business. Just ask our clients who rave about our results.

Catherine Altman Morgan is a former Big Four consultant who has done business strategy and marketing plan development, methodology and training creation, and business process redesign with and for the major and mid-tier consultancies, as well as corporations and small businesses.

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