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Are you looking for a more personalized approach than traditional outplacement or low-cost career coaching groups can provide?

Would you benefit from a dedicated contact who will work closely with you?

Someone who is available on short notice to talk through events and provide advice?

Few people think that job search is fun. It’s stressful, exhausting, and an emotional roller coaster.

Who do we work with? 

We primarily work with executive-level professionals in the financial services, professional services, and technology industries.

(BUT if you are looking for guidance, are open to new ideas and ways of doing things, are committed to the process, and are willing to do the work – we can definitely help you.)

Our clients find great opportunities, not stop-gap jobs. 

Why go through it alone?

The recruiting process in most companies is broken and stupid. Job descriptions don’t match the actual job function. Hiring is never anybody’s top priority (no matter what they told you).

We have 20 years of experience helping people with career transition services. Whether you just need a compelling resume that you feel great about and gets you noticed – or you need to be completely re-launched – we can help.

Having someone to go through the highs and lows with you can be incredibly beneficial. You will need a sanity check periodically. Why go though it alone if you don’t have to?


Catherine has been instrumental in assisting me with my career search, working tirelessly on my CV and lending an ear while offering top notch coaching and job search advice. Her knowledge of the financial services industry has been especially helpful as she was able to truly understand my niche specialty and offer very specific suggestions for improvements.
~ Brian A., NY


Why work with Point A to Point B Transitions?

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Work with a respected expert. Catherine Morgan, founder of Point A to Point B Transitions, is a highly regarded career transition and job search strategy consultant.

Pick only the services you need. Point A to Point B Transitions provides a suite of services for professionals who are willing to take action to get to their Point B. We provide:

  • Resume Development
  • Interview Question Coaching
  • Job Search Strategy and Career Transition Support

You decide which services you need. One size never did fit all.

See past your own blinders. If you are hoping to make a big change, you will need help thinking through your possible options, and deciding how your skills could translate to different job functions or different industries. We wrote an eBook on this.

Be supported as a person AND professional. We think it is a false dichotomy to separate the person from the professional, so we work on your attitude, mindset, and limiting beliefs – in addition to your technical skills required for a successful job search. We are so passionate about this that Catherine did a TEDx talk on the topic on May 30, 2015.

Why are we better than outplacement?

If you had a bad breakup with your previous employer, suffered your first layoff, are several months (or years) in job search, or are having a “perfect storm” of icky stuff going on in your life, you will definitely appreciate our hands-on approach.

We get to know our clients personally and professionally – so we understand the complexities of their specific situation and their issues, which enables us to suggest strategies and possibilities that our clients may not have been able to see on their own.

And if you have highly technical expertise, we will probably have to rewrite your outplacement resume anyway. Please see this post about why this happens a lot: Why Your Outplacement Resume May Not Work for You.

How can we help you?
You can book a complimentary 1-on-1 Career Strategy Session via this link.  

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