The Depression Discussions™

The Depression Discussions™: The Conversations We Need to Keep Having is a series of video interviews with exceptional individuals and experts focusing on living with – and working through – depression as an entrepreneur, creative, or intrapreneur.

These are conversations we need to keep having, not having solely when in a state of shock or grief after we lose a creative or entrepreneur like Anthony Bourdain, Kate Spade, Chris Cornell, Prince, George Michael, and SO many others.

Interview 1 – Rich Gallagher, LMFT @gallagherPOC

Strategies for Managing Anxiety and Depression. Catherine Morgan interviews Rich Gallagher, LMFT for the first episode of The Depression Discussions™: The Conversations We Need to Keep Having. Rich is a licensed psychotherapist, while Catherine just plays one with her career transition and solo consultant clients. Rich shares what he has seen work for clients with depression and anxiety in his more than 10 years in practice.

Interview 2 – Jon-David @MafiaHairdresser

Is Social Media Causing Depression? If you think social media is contributing to your depression, you may be right. In this episode of The Depression Discussions™, Catherine Morgan interviews author and social media expert Jon-David (@MafiaHairdresser) who works with clients and brands.

Jon-David shares his story about how spending time professionally and personally on social media contributed to his depression, and what steps you can take to have a better relationship with it.

Interview 3 – Barry Moltz @BarryMoltz

Health Diagnosis and Depression. Small business expert Barry Moltz gets real about how a health diagnosis plunged him into a deep depression, losing 50 pounds and triggering thoughts of suicide. He talks about his journey back, and his strategies and habits for staying in a good head space. He also talks about navigating the inevitable ups and downs of being an entrepreneur.

Interview 4 – Phil Gerbyshak @PhilGerb

How to Avoid Comparison Despair. Phil Gerbyshak is beloved on social media, known as the guy with the huge smile. Phil’s brand is big, bold, and colorful. He candidly talks about his struggles in this interview. The comparison trap and imposter syndrome are huge issues for ALL entrepreneurs. Why is that person so far ahead of me? Why didn’t this work? Why is it taking so long? Can I actually do this? Phil shares how he works through the inevitable low points.

Interview 5 – Pamela Slim @PamSlim

There’s No One Right Way to Work. Pamela Slim has been a coach for 25 years and an entrepreneur for 22 years, coaching thousands of small business owners and working with big brands. We talk about how there is no one right way to work, and that you may choose different “work modes” depending on your life situation. Pam stresses: “You have flexibility and there is no reason to have shame around decisions that you make about employment. You get to decide what you need to do for yourself and your family.”

Interview 6 – David Murray

Attempting and the Journey Back. What mindset leads up to an attempt to end your life, and how do you come back from that? David Murray openly talks about his depression and what led him to make an attempt on his life. He also shares his journey back to reengaging with his wife, family, and job. This is an eye-opening conversation about what goes on inside the mind of someone on the edge, and how healing can occur with hard work and the right support.

Interview 7 – Steve Woodruff @SWoodruff

Pushing Through and Asking for Help. As a man raised in a family of boys in New England, Steve Woodruff wasn’t the type of guy to ask for help. He developed the habits of pushing through and controlling his environment, which enabled him to have a successful career. However, he hit the wall in his 40s and was diagnosed with depression. He shares how his world changed for the better with medication, and the benefits of asking for help personally and professionally.

Interview 8 – Brian R. King, MSW @BrianRKing

Managing Major Health Challenges, Suicide Attempts through Gratitude. Brian R. King, MSW grew up with undiagnosed ADHD and dyslexia. Brian’s graduation present from high school was Stage 3 testicular cancer. After learning his cancer was in remission, Brian declared that he would live a life of purpose, not of anger, helplessness and bitterness. His current health challenges include Ehlers-Danlos syndrome and last year’s diagnosis of multiple sclerosis (MS). We talk candidly about his depression, health challenges, his son’s two attempts, and how he and his family manage through it. You can learn more about Brian’s journey and work at

Interview 9 – The Depression Discussions™ | Gracey Lichtenstein @GraceAndSuccess

Entrepreneurship Is Messy – Here’s How You Manage. Gracey Lichtenstein, MS is a holistic psychotherapist, award-winning international speaker/trainer, and coach. She also has clinical depression, is 18 years sober, and was a victim of sexual assault. Gracey shares her personal coping strategies, what she’s seen in her entrepreneur and corporate clients, and what you can do to manage with – and through – depression. We even talked about the days you feel like you can’t get out of bed, and why sharing your story is critical.

Interview 10 – Chrissy Das @ChrissyDas

The Importance of Self-Care and Gentle Language. Chrissy Das started her ghost writing business three years ago. She realized she struggled with depression and anxiety in college, but somehow made it through. She did well in her corporate jobs, but feels starting her own business is the best thing she’s done. We talk about the importance of self-care, taking time away from your business to work on yourself, and the power of using gentle language. We also give lots of pointers for managing anxiety.

Interview 11 – Berni Xiong @BerniXiong

Being Resilient and Knowing You Are Enough. When you take the entrepreneurial jump, the net doesn’t always catch you. Sometimes you end up in the hospital with a $40K bill and a parasitic infection. Berni Xiong shares her story of resilience and reinventing herself multiple times. She is an author and writer, intuitive coach and consultant, and proud mom. Throughout the conversation Berni stresses “you are enough.” We also dive into the “hustle” and why that can be dangerous mentally and physically for entrepreneurs.

Interview 12 – Amber Naslund @AmberCadabra

Sharing Your Struggles and Having a Human Voice. Amber Naslund worked for a startup, enjoyed a successful exit, started a new business with a partner, and pretty much lost everything. As she evaluated next steps, she realized she didn’t enjoy being an entrepreneur, but struggled coming to terms with that. Amber made the transition from entrepreneur to employee, landing a job she loves at LinkedIn. She has been open about working with and through depression and anxiety, and thinks it’s part of having a human voice.

Interview 13 – Ramon Ray @RamonRay

The Smart Hustle and Getting Support. Ramon Ray is an author, speaker, and the founder of Smart Hustle Magazine and He is a high-energy entrepreneur who works with big brands, representing them to small business. In an incredibly honest and vulnerable talk, he shared his struggles with depression at SXSW in 2017. In this interview we discuss all the things an entrepreneur can do to have good mental hygiene and stay in a productive headspace.

Why Catherine Altman Morgan started The Depression Discussions

Catherine Morgan has openly discussed her “mud-wrestling” with depression on her company’s website and on

The whisper for this project came during a very dark moment around Thanksgiving in 2014. Catherine published “Depression and the Small Business Owner” on | Business Unplugged and generated a deep and rich conversation throughout the entrepreneur community.

So many people admitted to struggling as well and thanked her for creating a safe place to share.

She even got several clients from this post due to the vulnerability she displayed, which helped others ask for the help they needed.

The call for this project came after Anthony Bourdain’s suicide in June 2018 when she completely lost her mind. It turned into this post “Compare and Despair: Entrepreneurs and Depression.”