We Need to Evolve Working So It Works for Everyone. Will You Join Me?

There are different ways to work and the way you need to work will vary, depending on what else is going on in your life.

We are at epidemic levels of stress, anxiety, depression, and burnout in corporate jobs and as entrepreneurs. (We were before the pandemic, and not surprisingly, things haven’t gotten better.)

The Great Resignation, the Great Reshuffling, and Quiet Quitting clearly demonstrate the way we are working isn’t working for many of us.

Maybe you.

This is why I wrote my new book, This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression. (Coming in November 2022, hopefully.)

People are really struggling. You – or someone you know – is likely struggling, and you / they might not be talking about it. You / they might be trying to push through, but that only works for a short time…

Corporate employees and entrepreneurs need help! They need to know they are not alone and they are not broken. The big benefit of a book is reading a book can be done in private. Nobody will see you and nobody has to know.

Someone might read a book when they wouldn’t attend a webinar or live event because they are afraid of being seen in their struggle, or are feeling shame about their current situation.

We need to evolve working and I can’t do it alone.

I am looking for co-creators to join me in doing small things, which when combined, may lead to BIG results.

  • I need introductions to companies or groups who might bring me in to speak about this.
  • I need investors to help fund marketing and advertising for the book.
  • I need introductions to potential sponsors of the book and this work. (Calm, Headspace, AARP, and Thrive Global come immediately to mind.)
  • I need people to commit to being more human at work, modeling empathy in the workplace.

We need a village to support this work.

Please consider becoming a founding member of Evolving Working. I am looking for co-creators to support me in getting the word out in a big way. Besides my deep gratitude, you will have a front-row seat to watch me in the arena fighting to improve the way we work. You will receive updates on wins to track progress. You will be part of the inner circle advising on strategy.

I have a feeling it might be a bloody battle. Sparking change isn’t easy.

But there will be a huge payoff:

  • Happy employees and entrepreneurs are better leaders, and better partners and parents.
  • Happy employees and entrepreneurs have access to creative and innovative ideas, which will benefit all of us.
  • Happy employees and entrepreneurs are more productive and are less likely to leave their jobs, making companies more stable and profitable.  

All of this creates a virtuous cycle where professionals can learn, grow, and contribute.

Can you feel the energy of that?

And this is not just sunshine and unicorns! Together, we can make a small ripple that will become a larger wave, leading to impact and sustained changes for the better. Isn’t that what we all want?

I don’t know about you, but that sounds like one heck of a legacy to me. I hope you will consider becoming a founding member. Just $1,000.

PS – Over the past 12 years I have been coaching professionals through Point A to Point B Transitions Inc., I have worked with so many people at a reduced rate or pro bono. If that was you, please consider paying it forward so we can amplify this message and save people from mental and physical health breakdowns caused by toxic work environments and systemic overworking.

Can’t become a founding member right now? Maybe you can contribute to the tip jar? Any and all contributions will help me to get this word out.

If we worked together in the past, you definitely know how important this message is.

Photo by Sam Dan Truong on Unsplash