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Are you in career transition or career confusion? Trying to determine your right next step for your career, business, or life? Most people can’t see beyond their own blinders, and are handcuffed by limiting beliefs.

Catherine Morgan provides a framework for your re-launch sequence, and will help you to discover your Point B through humorous stories, insightful questions, and case-study examples.

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When I started my career soon after I left college, I had a Plan A. I was soon forced to go to a Plan B, C or D. This has become very common in a turbulent economic world. The journey of a career can become confusing, chaotic, lonely, and just plain depressing.

But Catherine Morgan and her new book, Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility, acts as a sure-fire guide for those business people that are stuck. Catherine has been doing this for clients for a long time and now she has written it down in this long-awaited book.

She uses her PALMS Framework to drive the process. It stands for: Perspective, Action, Limiting beliefs, Manifesting and Supporting. Catherine helps the reader be brutally honest as to where they actually are and helps them realize the always available options for the future.

Are you lost or in career transition? Catherine’s new book will be a lifesaver.

~ Barry Moltz – Getting Small Businesses Unstuck. Small business owner, Speaker, Author of 5 books, and Radio Talk Host AM560. 

Catherine’s view and perspective include insights and tangible steps not only to enter the river of change, but to be the river itself. I have already begun to use her questions with my business owner clients in my psychotherapy practice, and it is providing a format for taking both small, doable steps and providing possibility to the inevitable…everything has a shelf life. 

I am surrounded by many folks who are entering their legacy years, including myself, and Catherine’s experience with her concise and grounded approach is helpful for those of us who are here to serve and learn from the process.

~ Lizbeth Hamlin MA, LMFT – and

Catherine knows her stuff. A three-time refugee from corporate life, and one of the smartest people I know, she doesn’t just have good advice for career transitions – she has a system. Read her book and see for yourself!”

Rich Gallagher, LMFT – Two-time #1 bestselling customer service author, workplace communications skills expert, writer.
Point of Contact Group 

Catherine Morgan’s ebook Re-Launch You should be a best seller on every list that points to what is breaking news, insanely prescient and HOT. If you are underemployed, unemployed, or not feeling good about your career and the direction it is (not) taking you, then you simply must spend an hour reading this book. Not only written to be lively and easy to read, but it is also incredibly straightforward as a how-to guide. Halfway through I didn’t know whether to keep reading, or start multi-tasking by sharing it to every friend and colleague I know who needs guidance, support and inspiration for their job hunt. Grab it now, and tell your friends. 100% guaranteed not to disappoint, and I mean that!

~ Diane Dolinsky-Pickar
CEO, DigitalZoom NY LLC

Experience is certainly our best teacher, and Catherine has the personal experience to be one of the best transitional teachers around. I know, personally, she has been in the trenches of transition and has emerged with a wisdom she shares in her eBook. Not only does her book offer a practical action plan, but it also incorporates an important process of self-examination and discovery to help the reader open to new and exciting perspectives and options. If you want a clear, intentional roadmap to guide you out of the fear and confusion of change and into a new, fulfilling career and life, I highly recommend reading Catherine’s eBook.

~ Laurie Mazzarella, Rest and Restore Yoga Educator, Change Your Life through Rhythm Facilitator, Speaker, Life Coach and Lover of Life………

Catherine has managed to do the impossible: deliver a career ‘self-help’ book that is actually engaging, insightful, funny, relevant and incredibly tangible. Every exercise is thought provoking and triggers one to think about themselves in a new – and more accurate – light. In lieu of lengthy, narcissistic examples from her life (all too common in today’s ‘me me me’ culture), Catherine keeps it short and sweet and focused on the reader – a rarity in an increasingly ego-driven marketplace. This is not the Catherine show – this is the YOU show, and she can help you be the star.

~ Rachel White, Shamanic Practitioner and Spiritual Consultant at TOTEM

Gosh I WISH I had my hands on this e-book six years ago, the last time I was in career transition feeling helpless and hopeless about what to do next. Catherine’s ‘No-BS’ + ‘Strategic’ + ‘Compassionate’ approach to helping you get from point A to point B in your career will hands-down help you re-launch YOU—just like the book title says.

Perhaps I’m biased because I’ve known her for years. But I mean it, from the bottom of my heart, when I say this. I couldn’t be more excited Catherine has finally handcrafted such a gem of a book that will help you navigate this arduous journey called career transition. Embrace this book and you will embrace possibility.

~ Berni Xiong – The Shin Kicking Life Spark | Author of The Year of the Brave Bear: Speak Up. Stand Out. Change Your World. at

Catherine takes her vast personal re-launching experience and the successes with her clients and has turned it into a rich, specific plan for those in transition. Filled with great examples, real-life stories and little steps for making BIG progress, this short but powerful read is a must for those looking to reinvent themselves or supercharge their career. She’s been in your shoes and provides a path for successfully navigating your next chapter.

~Victoria Cook, Business & Marketing Coach
The Center for Guilt-Free Success

Point A – Start here! Read the book and do Catherine Morgan’s exercises in “Re-Launch You: Discovering Your Point B and Embracing Possibility.” It’s so easy to succumb to waves of overwhelm when we find ourselves in career transition–by circumstance or by decision. Sometimes we feel so limited in our options. Scary as this feeling can be, there is no better time to examine where we came from, our core interests and values, and to invest this learning in choosing to re-launch toward an inspiring Point B.

Good news! You don’t have to do it alone. Catherine has created an actionable framework (PALMS™), provided challenging yet practical exercises, abundant resources, and her enthusiastic, expert guidance to support you in creating a map to guide you in defining and reaching your compelling Point B.

Tom RosenakI highly recommend working through the PALMS™ process on your own, or better yet, with Catherine Morgan’s incisive coaching.
~ Tom Rosenak, President of DiamondMind Enterprises 

Download from Dropbox here.