Evolving Working Ep 6: HR and Mental Health in the Workplace with Dawn Ellery

How do we create a safe workplace where people feel comfortable talking about personal struggles and mental health? There are no easy answers, but the pandemic forced companies to consider the mental health of workers because it was obvious people weren’t doing well. Dawn Ellery, CEBS, is a mental health and well-being champion, speaker, and Human Resources Total Rewards leader working to reduce the stigma around mental health, and open eyes to the complete person walking into work.

In this episode of Evolving Working, career transition expert Catherine Morgan and empowerment expert Susan Eckstein got a peek behind the HR curtain and learned:

• Talking about mental health with another HR professional can be a difficult experience
• Some professionals would rather be performance managed out than talk about their ugly divorce or abusive home environment
• Managers aren’t trained on how to have these kinds of difficult conversations
• Sharing your personal challenges and history of depression with a group who knows you can lead to 30% of the people asking for help or information

Companies have become accustomed to supporting employees with physical health benefits and financial knowledge and training. Mental health is the next step. There is substantial ROI for investing in high-quality mental health programs, with an added bonus of decreased turnover and increased productivity.

Learn more about Dawn Ellery here www.DawnEllery.com
Learn more about Susan Eckstein here www.TheSusanEckstein.com

Evolving Working Ep 5: Board-ready Women and the ROI of Diversity with Heather H. Bennett

Women on boards and the importance of diversity and inclusion on boards is something we should be hearing more about. Multiple recent studies have shown that companies with at least two women on the board are more successful financially, and become employers of choice where people stay and build their career.

In this episode, career transition expert Catherine Morgan and women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein talk with Heather H. Bennett, MBA, CDI.D. Bennett is a marketing strategist, qualified Board of Directors candidate, business and career coach, and bestselling author of Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time, dedicated to helping organizations and professionals build strong careers, brands, and businesses. We talk about the mindset shift it can take to feel qualified to step into a leadership role. Even if you are completely qualified, you may not FEEL like you have everything you need.

Eckstein and Bennett shared multiple examples of how women stepped up and took a seat at the board table.

Learn more about Heather Bennett at www.creativebrandcoach.net
Learn more about Susan Eckstein at www.thesusaneckstein.com

Evolving Working Ep 4: Living Your Values at Work with Angie Rome Gonzalez

Our values are uniquely ours. Sometimes we can identify them easily, and sometimes we need a little help. Knowing our values and finding work that aligns with our values is critical for happiness and job satisfaction. If you’re not sure what your values are, or what your right work situation is, there are techniques like mining for values that might help.

In this episode of Evolving Working, Catherine Morgan and Susan Eckstein talk to Angie Rome Gonzalez about the importance of living your values at work. Gonzalez is a certified professional life coach through Coaches Training Institute who has been coaching clients for 16 years, and is currently partnering with Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. to serve clients more deeply.

How do your values show up at work? If you like to build deep relationships with customers, you may not feel comfortable in a company with a transactional business model. Instead, you may prefer a company that builds deep relationships with customers and considers the lifetime value of a customer.

It’s not a right or wrong thing, it’s just about alignment.

Evolving Working Ep 3: Be an Innovator in Your Own Life with Kristeen Barth

If you’re overworked and under resourced in your job or business, you might think that is just the way it is.

Kristeen Barth says, “There is so much we can do as individuals and we have more power than we realize.” Kristeen Barth began her career in IT and later pursued coaching certification. Over time, she was able to move to HR and work in leadership development. She coaches clients on having a healthier relationship with work, including identifying limiting beliefs and inner “saboteurs” that can block forward progress.

Career transition expert Catherine Morgan and women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein talk with Kristeen Barth about:

  • What stories you may be telling yourself (and how you can write a different story)
  • How to set boundaries at work with your boss and team
  • How to stop “shoulding” and “wronging” yourself
  • How to design a life that works for you

How to ask for what you want In short, we don’t get what we don’t ask for.

Learn more about Kristeen Barth at www.KristeenBarth.com
Learn more about Susan Eckstein at www.thesusaneckstein.com

We Are 12 Going On 13

Photo by Zhen Hu on Unsplash

I can’t believe it, but I am starting on year 13 of having my own business, Point A to Point B Transitions Inc.

I won’t lie – it’s been a rocky road with some giant potholes and landmines, and while it sometimes feels like I have been doing this forever, some days it seems like a brand-new adventure.

What has changed over the years? My confidence in getting great results for the clients I am meant to serve is unshakable. I am proud to share I have an enviable success rate of getting driven professionals back to work (even after years in transition).

For better or for worse, I have always judged the success of the business by the results I get clients, and not on revenue.

I have taken pro bono clients when I didn’t have enough revenue coming in because I knew I could help them and it seemed like bad karma not to help.

I have taken time off when I was cooked, but really needed to be doing business development.

I have invested in coaching or training when I didn’t have the money many times. Sometimes this worked out very well, and sometimes it was a total waste.

I wouldn’t necessarily recommend anyone else do any of these.

However, here are some things I would recommend:

  • Follow your curiosity – what is interesting or exciting?
  • Try to make things fun (yes, even the boring or scary things)
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs and support each other
  • Invest in yourself, but don’t use training as a block
  • Take a nap if you need it (you’ll be more productive later)
  • Interact with people who are further along than you are
  • Don’t be afraid to reach out to famous people
  • Refer clients who aren’t ideal for you to someone else

The idea of being a solopreneur and digital nomad was incredibly appealing to me when I started. All of my personal stuff was in storage for years as I spent time in Chicago, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and New York.

Now, I find I get totally sparked by partnering with other professionals for webinars or media projects. When I partner with someone, I actually do the thing I was talking about because I won’t let them down AND I usually have to up my game because I know some super-smart people.

Over the years I’ve learned to give myself permission to stop doing things that flat-line my energy or trigger anxiety, even if they can bring in revenue. I have mostly stopped doing resumes because I am tired of fighting with people. In some cases, I need to do a resume for a client (usually an entrepreneur to employee), but in many cases, I will refer the client to someone else and sleep better that night.

In short, your business is YOURS, and you get to decide what you do and who you want to work with.

That’s probably one of the reasons you started your business in the first place.

Evolving Working Ep 2: Women, Personal Power, and Video Presence

Every woman I have ever coached needs to watch this. Catherine Johns says, “If you are not willing to be seen, you’re going to be overlooked.” So, while you might want that job or promotion or speaking gig, if you are not showing up, it is going to be difficult to make that happen.

Catherine Johns is a Chicago radio legend who spent 25 years in the public eye, but even with that experience, Johns struggled with getting comfortable on video – just like all of us do. She was a pro behind the mic, but the camera was different. She shared this cost her many opportunities earlier in her career.

In this interview with career transition expert Catherine Morgan and women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein, Catherine Johns shares strategies and pro tips that will make you look (and feel!) more confident on your next video call or presentation.

Evolving Working Podcast Is Live!

I am thrilled to share that our new podcast is live! Evolving Working is about changing the way we work because it needs to work for everyone.

One size never did fit all.

My fabulous co-host, women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein, had multiple mic drop moments throughout this conversation. It was an absolute joy to dive into her signature work around women showing up fully and not shrinking.

To be honest, I have yet to coach a woman, from a new grad to a CEO, who did not need to work on showing up and speaking up.

Seriously, every woman knows what shrinking is and has done it. (Raising hand.)

We are getting great feedback on this topic. Enjoy!

PS – Susan has a presentation on this topic and would LOVE to speak for your organization.

Pre-Summer Coaching Sale!

Certified Professional Life Coach Angie Rome Gonzalez

When was the last time you invested in your mindset?

Yes, mindset!

It’s that thing that affects your overall well-being and success – personally and professionally.

You’ve probably been under a lot of stress over the past two years, and things may have shifted for you.

You might know what you want to create for yourself (but might feel like you need a permission slip) OR you might have no idea what you want to do next (but you know that whatever you’re doing now isn’t working).

For a very limited time, we are offering a 55-minute life coaching session with Angie Rome Gonzalez for just $97 (regularly $147). This may be exactly what you need to get back on track with your life – or career.

Angie is a certified Professional Life Coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and earned a MFA in Theatrical Design from Tulane University and a BFA from the University of Louisiana in Theatre/Art.

Angie began her career in costume design and pattern making. Later, she focused on non-profit arts management. She is a true people person and relationship builder, empowering clients to see possibility, and name and claim their dreams.   

Here is Angie’s scheduling link.