Angie Rome Gonzalez

Angie Rome Gonzalez offers custom-tailored coaching, helping clients create a sustainable and successful professional and personal life.

Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. is thrilled to have Angie join us in supporting our amazing clients in career and life transitions. Angie is a certified Professional Life Coach through Coaches Training Institute (CTI), and earned a MFA in Theatrical Design from Tulane University and a BFA from the University of Louisiana in Theatre/Art.

Angie began her career in costume design and pattern making. Later, she focused on non-profit arts management. She is a true people person and relationship builder, empowering clients to see possibility, and name and claim their dreams.   

Does your life need some alterations?

Is your job feeling too small, or just doesn’t fit you anymore?

Maybe you’re doing way too much and you need to cinch things in?

Or, you need help hemming up limiting beliefs that keep poking out?

Book Angie for a work-life custom fitting. Just $147 for a 55-minute session.

Schedule your coaching session with Angie with this link.