Sanctuary: A Respite From 2024

2024 is going to be a year for sure. Market fluctuations, COVID strain du jour, layoffs, technology shifts, AI disruption, supply chain issues, climate change – AACK!

2024 is going to be a “Soup of AACK!”

Like me, you may be walking around mumbling to yourself, Are you kidding me? Seriously?

The news cycle and U.S. election cycle seem to leave us no place for calm and rest. No place to be seen and to connect. No place to be in our confusion or grief. No place to go deeper. 

Which is why we are creating a new offering: Sanctuary. 

Sanctuary will be a place to be and a place to explore

Sanctuary will be a place to show up as your messy human self and be seen for the amazing person you are. 

Sanctuary will be a virtual space to gather and share and discuss. To explore ideas, self-help strategies, and timeless wisdom to help you get through your life. 

Sanctuary will be a place to talk about big ideas that can help us navigate these crazy times. 

What is Sanctuary?

Sanctuary will be an online Zoom meeting held every other Sunday for 75 minutes. It will be hosted by Catherine Altman Morgan and Angie Rome Gonzalez

Sanctuary will be a membership community priced at $97/month. (Click subscribe below.)

We need to charge for this for a few reasons. One is that it will take Angie’s and my time. Another is so you will take it seriously and know that we are serious about it. The final, and most important reason, is it will keep out internet trolls. People don’t pay to troll.

What will we talk about?

We will suggest a topic for exploration in advance and start there. Where the conversation goes after that will be part of our delightful journey. Current topics under consideration include: 

  • How to find moments of calm in times of chaos
  • Bioenergetic practices to reregulate when triggered
  • Mindset practices to mute negative self-talk
  • How to work with your inner gremlins and saboteurs to stop self-sabotage
  • Ways to work through fear and step into your light 
  • Ways to invite creativity into your life
  • The enduring relevance of myths
  • Why we need to identify our archetypes
  • Why Internal Family Systems is an incredibly helpful model
  • Current astrological cycles and how they may affect us
  • How to create (and maintain) boundaries that support you 
  • How to give yourself – and others – grace at home and at work
  • Why you should write yourself a permission slip to want what you want

And so many more. 

We are literally overflowing with ideas we’d love to discuss, and you will be welcome to offer suggestions or present something that you have found interesting or helpful. 

If you’ve been looking for a place to talk about these types of topics, I hope you’ll join us. 

(And while we expect Sanctuary may appeal more to women than men, if you’re a man who needs this space, you are more than welcome to join us. We need more divine masculine energy in this world! )

How long are the Zoom sessions?

Right now, we are thinking 75 minutes, but we are open to feedback. 

How much does it cost?


When does it start?

Sunday, March 3, 2024 at noon Eastern / 11 Central / 9 Pacific.

How often do we meet?

Twice a month on every other Sunday.

Will there be an online community? 

We are open to hosting a group chat so we can connect on a deeper level and be part of a community. This could be a private group on Facebook or LinkedIn. If you would like to participate in this, just let us know.

Join us! Sign up below. Just $97/month. (Click subscribe below.)

P.S. Angie and Catherine are so excited about this that they might do it without you, but it would be way more fun if you joined 😀