You Are Here

If you’re here, you are probably ready to make a change in your professional career, business, or life.

Or you may have been nudged to make a change due to a layoff or other life curve ball (health issue, child care issue, elder care issue, divorce, disagreement with co-founder, market change, etc.).

Stuff happens. Change is uncomfortable. We get it.

You may feel like you’re stuck in the mud and just spinning…

You may feel like whatever you try just isn’t working…

But, here’s some good news: We have been helping professionals find great opportunities, rebooting their career or their business since 2010.

We’ve re-launched hundreds of professionals – even after a year (or several years) in career transition or stagnant business revenue growth.

Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. was named Career Transition Coaching Service of the Year | United States, as part of the Corporate LiveWire Innovation & Excellence Awards 2023 and Most Innovative Career Transition Coach – North America, as part of Corporate Coaching and Recruitment Awards 2022 by Corporate Vision.

We will work side-by-side with you to envision and achieve your goals – as long as you’re open to new ideas and perspectives, and are willing to do the work.

Who we work with

We work with driven professionals who are committed to taking action.

  • Struggling Solo Consultant to Successful Solo Consultant (see our Business Strategy Consulting for our 16 Week Solution for Consultants.
  • Entrepreneur to Employee (see our Re-Launch Sequence)
  • Professionals who want to Recalibrate to achieve better work-life balance, pursue a different job or career path, launch a business, or retire (see our Recalibrate Half-Day Workshop, given several times per year)
  • Professionals looking for a supportive community exploring big ideas to help navigate these “unprecedented times” (see our Sanctuary Membership Community)

What we do

We help our clients create clarity and confidence so they can find focus and move forward.

Many clients have told us we sell calm.

You may be stuck in your own head, unable to figure out how to move forward.

Or you may not be able to see possibilities. (You might want to check out our free eBook on this.)

We, as an outside set of eyes with different experiences, can often easily see options or paths you’ve never considered.

Working with us is not simply about finding the next job or client. It’s about course correcting, breaking unhealthy cycles, overcoming negative self-talk, and getting to a situation that aligns with your personal and professional goals.

Our clients get life-changing results.

Book a complimentary 1-on-1 Career Strategy Session via this link

How we help you

We bring our unique perspective and expertise to create an individually tailored strategy and action plan for each client.

There’s some art and science (and definitely a little magic) in what we do. As we work together we will:

  • Determine your right next steps in your career or business
  • Develop a strategy and plan to accomplish your goals
  • Create a project plan with tasks over a timeline for you to execute on
  • Provide accountability and support so you accomplish your goals
  • Craft your messaging so anyone can understand your value and “secret sauce”
  • Generate thought leadership so you’re seen as an expert in whatever you do

To learn more and see if this what you need, book a complimentary 1-on-1 Career Strategy Session via this link

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