From TDS blog: How to manage effective virtual teams

Whether you work with people in the same city or around the world, chances are that you are part of – or manage – virtual teams. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and employees all will have instances where they work with people who are not physically in an office or building with them.

Virtual teams can be highly productive and effective if managed correctly. In this post for the TDS business blog, I share some tips from my experience and interview my client, Michael Sanders, of Legacy Solutions to get another perspective.

I think you will find the information in How to manage effective virtual teams timely and useful.

Living the Dream – But Is It Your Dream?

Every now and then a client says something to me that I really didn’t expect. A week or two ago a client told me that he was so incredibly happy to be in a co-working space and around people again. That didn’t surprise me. He is a natural extrovert and people person. What did surprise me was this: He said that he had felt guilty about not enjoying working at home alone in his PJs and “Living the Dream.”

I asked him if we could discuss that a little more. He added that most of the people he knew were part of the lifestyle business community and that he had achieved the goal of serving clients and being able to work wherever he wanted, but that he kind of hated it.

Being alone at home must have been pretty depressing for him. Now of course he got out to networking events and went on client calls and had phone calls, etc. – but the bulk of his time was spent doing his work alone wherever.

What a difference a change of location made! When we had our weekly call he was very happily settled into his new office. He was gushing about how productive he was, and that made me very happy.  Continue reading