From TDS blog: How to manage effective virtual teams

Whether you work with people in the same city or around the world, chances are that you are part of – or manage – virtual teams. Entrepreneurs, small business owners, and employees all will have instances where they work with people who are not physically in an office or building with them.

Virtual teams can be highly productive and effective if managed correctly. In this post for the TDS business blog, I share some tips from my experience and interview my client, Michael Sanders, of Legacy Solutions to get another perspective.

I think you will find the information in How to manage effective virtual teams timely and useful.

Guest Blogger for TDS – It’s Official

In the beginning I was “mystery blogger” and then later “guest blogger” but now it’s official and I have my own profile on the TDS corporate blog. TDS is the seventh largest telecom company in the United States.

I got to know TDS when they invited me to a guest blogger event in Madison. We spent the day presenting on and talking about changes in the world of work and the rise of the digital workplace. Anybody who knows me, knows that I am very interested in working virtually, and while I deliberately built a virtual business, I also frequently worked virtually when I was an employee.

I am intimately acquainted with the joys and challenges.  Continue reading