You Are Here: An Exploration of Perspective, Power, and Powerlessness

“You Are Here” by Catherine Altman Morgan

I spend a lot of time trying to keep things in the right perspective. It is so easy to completely spin out, imagining that you can change situations where, in fact, you have no power.

Keeping the right perspective, and some semblance of sanity, is one of the challenges of these times. It might be something you need to work on.

In reality, it’s a calculation we naturally do all the time as humans. We walk into a room and immediately assess the power structure within a group – who is the leader, who is supporting the leader, who has no power in the situation.

In the July 1 session of Sanctuary, I want to explore:.

  • How do you determine where you have power – and where you don’t?
  • In what situations do you give up your power voluntarily? (Riding in an airplane is one example.)
  • In what situations do you give up your power involuntarily? (Maybe to a parent, sibling, friend, or manager?)
  • In what situations do you think you have power, but you actually don’t?
  • In what situations would acknowledging that you are powerless be a good thing? (It can feel very freeing.)

We will meet on my Zoom link at 7 PM EDT / 6 PM CDT for 75 minutes. Please email or message Catherine Morgan if you want to join!