2023: Year in Review

I usually look forward to writing this post and it has always been part of my year-end processing. 

This year, I am forcing myself to sit here on a late Friday afternoon on January 26 and just get started. 

Last year was rough, I won’t lie, but there were also some big accomplishments.

My book was published

This year started out with fireworks toward the end of January for me. My first book, This Isn’t Working! Evolving the Way We Work to Decrease Stress, Anxiety, and Depression, was published on January 31. It was a #1 new release in two categories on Amazon. I was thrilled. 

And I did a blog book tour that was super fun and started some buzz.

If you haven’t checked out my book, you might want to. Despite the serious subtitle, it’s actually quite funny and extremely helpful. You can read the reviews on Amazon.

My book is available on Amazon, or wherever you buy books. 

We created the Recalibrate half-day workshop

My co-coach Angie Rome Gonzalez and I offered this three-hour workshop three times last year to great reviews. People told us it was a helpful reset, and we inspired one participant to totally change her life. 

There is nothing Angie and I would rather do on a Saturday than facilitate this workshop. It’s the best. 

We already gave it on January 13, and we will be giving it again in March, September, and December. 

Learn more about Recalibrate here.

I was a frequent podcast guest

I was a guest on at least a dozen podcasts last year. From leadership to career transition to small business, I talked about my work and my book and tried to drum up interest. 

If you know a podcast host who is looking for an experienced guest, please connect us! 

We worked with some great clients

Angie and I had a cohort of amazing professionals this year. Several had been laid off after 20+ years of service. We jumped in and supported them, and helped them stay focused on their job search. 

Yet again, this cohort confirmed that our twice a week group coaching calls are critically important for staying out of the emotional dips that accompany the inevitable ups and downs of job search. 

We envisioned Sanctuary: A Respite from 2024

We are going to launch a new membership community in March 2024. We are calling it Sanctuary: A Respite From 2024

This year is going to be bonkers and people will need a place to be. We’re going to meet on Zoom every other Sunday and talk about self-help strategies, personal development, interesting ideas, ancient wisdom, and who knows what else. 

I know that I will need it – and you might too. Join us? 

Learn more here.

We threw flowers!

I had to add this in because it might have been the best part of last year. I decided that in the last coaching group call of the year we would go around and tell each other what we admired about them and wished for them in the future.

Oh my goodness. I don’t have words for how magical this was. The call went for twice as long as usual and we all left with smiles and tears.

Steal this idea, folks. You will be glad you did. People desperately want to be seen.

New focus in 2024

This year, I am going to be focusing more on promoting my book, speaking and presenting workshops, and doing business consulting for solo and small businesses. 

I will be doing much less job search coaching this year for a bunch of reasons. Too many to list here.

This new focus is both nerve-wracking and exciting. 

My north star

This is my “Year of Amplification” and “My 3 Words” are: Ease. Joy. Abundance. 

This is my north star and the lens through which I will evaluate everything.

Wishing you health, happiness, and great success in 2024.