We Need to Talk About Aging and Working

This is the face of a woman in her late 50s. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that I am eligible to live in an “active adult” or senior community. What?

I have no interest in slowing down in any aspect of my life! In fact, I am actively building my skills and my business, fully embracing being a lifelong learner.

The women in my family tend to live a really long time with relatively few health issues. I am looking at 30+ years of contributing and serving, most likely.

My grandmother sold real estate into her late 80s. She said it kept her young, and out of doctors’ offices. She had all her marbles when she passed at 94.

We need to talk about aging and working. There is a lot of nonsense out there. I have no intention of retiring now or ever. I love what I do and working with my amazing clients.

And what the heck would I do for 30+ years if I wasn’t working and learning and growing?

We need to talk about aging and working.

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