Catherine Morgan on the Beer, Beats, & Business Podcast

When David J.P. Fisher (aka D. Fish) asked me if I wanted to be on his Beer, Beats, & Business podcast, I couldn’t say yes fast enough.

Few things are more fun than recording a conversation with a respected colleague and friend.

We covered a lot of ground, starting with my weird niche of helping entrepreneurs transition to corporate jobs they love, and why I feel like people might throw fruit at me when I say that.

I was able to get long-time entrepreneur D. Fish to drool a little when I painted the picture of predictable income, paid time off, cash flow and accounting issues being someone else’s problem, and being able to actually disconnect from your business. *sigh*

We also talked about why there is no right way to work, and that many professionals will be alternating between freelancing, consulting, employment, and owning their own business.

We chatted about some gluten-free beers (Glutenberg) that are delicious, and my favorite Chicago world music band, Guitarra Azul.

You should definitely check out this podcast. It was a super-fun and fast-paced conversation. Talking Careers & Chicago World Music w/ Catherine Morgan

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