Hindsight 2020: Year in Review

The Coming Storm

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

Heck no!

2020 was the worst of times with occasional glimpses of light.

Few people are going to have to search hard for the worst year they’ve experienced.

Dumpster fire might be the general consensus.

That said, there were a few things that I would like to note.

We’re No. 1 (at least in North America)

Out of nowhere, Point A to Point B Transitions Inc. was nominated for Best Executive Career Transition Coaching Provider – North America.

And we won 🙂

After 10 years of service, it feels really good to be acknowledged like this.

Book Deal

An independent publisher reached out to me about writing a book on my work with The Depression Discussions on stress, anxiety, and depression. I put together a proposal and it was accepted.

And then COVID hit, and I put the project on hold indefinitely.

I knew this massive global event would affect the way the book needed to be shaped.


The global pandemic was declared in the US on my birthday, Friday, March 13.

Worst. Birthday. Ever.

Stay at home orders were issued, restaurants were closed, and I dropped into radical self-care.

I prioritized diet, sleep, exercise, meditation, and walking above everything.

I stopped drinking for the first time ever for 90 days.

It seemed like a good idea not to drink alone…

I couldn’t go to the gym and discovered online Zumba taught by a friend.

I lost 17 lbs.

I reread and completed The Artist’s Way 12-week program. (Highly recommend doing this.)

I tapped into my creativity through drawing landscapes and playing flute and guitar.

I competed the 10-week A.C.E leadership training program with TENWOMENSTRONG.

Between Us Video Series

I am extremely proud of this video series. I almost submitted it for an award – that proud.

In this series, I covered all the things we weren’t talking about during this pandemic – that stuff coming up, what mindfulness isn’t, trying not to lose it, etc.

Below is the first video of the playlist of 19 short videos – wowza!

I Dial Down Anxiety 10-Day eCourse

This came out better than I could have hoped.

People who went through it said it was incredibly helpful. www.idialdown.com

New Labor Discussions

My colleague Tony Catalano and I launched a new interview series exploring the new world of work, New Labor Discussions: Rethinking How We Work.

We are seriously having the best time doing this, but if you’d like to watch the videos, that would make it even better!

Intrepid Mastermind Group!

2020 showed us the importance of staying connected. I realized that I needed to connect with amazing entrepreneurs who are doing great work and serving clients they love.

A colleague and I couldn’t find a group we wanted to join, so we created one. It has come together so beautifully. It is an absolute joy to support these great professionals – and to be supported by them.

Rough Waters

My business was gutted by the pandemic and I didn’t think I would stay open until May to celebrate my 10th year in business. And the fall was even worse. But some colleagues, clients, friends, and family got me through.

I am so grateful.

Because we keep it real here at Point A to Point B, here’s a poem I wrote about this year.

The Other Side

So, in between trying to stay sane during insane times, I managed to get some stuff done. (Although I will say that it took 2-5 times longer than it would have pre-pandemic.)

As Rob Bell has said, “The work is the gift, the outcome is the frosting.”

Wishing you a happy, healthy, and prosperous New Year!