Evolving Working Ep 5: Board-ready Women and the ROI of Diversity with Heather H. Bennett

Women on boards and the importance of diversity and inclusion on boards is something we should be hearing more about. Multiple recent studies have shown that companies with at least two women on the board are more successful financially, and become employers of choice where people stay and build their career.

In this episode, career transition expert Catherine Morgan and women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein talk with Heather H. Bennett, MBA, CDI.D. Bennett is a marketing strategist, qualified Board of Directors candidate, business and career coach, and bestselling author of Fun and Fulfilling Careers One Question at a Time, dedicated to helping organizations and professionals build strong careers, brands, and businesses. We talk about the mindset shift it can take to feel qualified to step into a leadership role. Even if you are completely qualified, you may not FEEL like you have everything you need.

Eckstein and Bennett shared multiple examples of how women stepped up and took a seat at the board table.

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