Evolving Working Ep 2: Women, Personal Power, and Video Presence

Every woman I have ever coached needs to watch this. Catherine Johns says, “If you are not willing to be seen, you’re going to be overlooked.” So, while you might want that job or promotion or speaking gig, if you are not showing up, it is going to be difficult to make that happen.

Catherine Johns is a Chicago radio legend who spent 25 years in the public eye, but even with that experience, Johns struggled with getting comfortable on video – just like all of us do. She was a pro behind the mic, but the camera was different. She shared this cost her many opportunities earlier in her career.

In this interview with career transition expert Catherine Morgan and women’s empowerment expert Susan Eckstein, Catherine Johns shares strategies and pro tips that will make you look (and feel!) more confident on your next video call or presentation.