Nominated for Rule Breaker Award 2016

Rule Breaker 2016I was excited about being nominated for a Rule Breaker Award last year, but THIS year, I am a shoe-in because I have turned the revenue model for career transition coaching on its head.

I am the only person I know who works primarily on contingency. Here’s how it works: I get a $100/month retainer (because I deserve a few bottles of wine), and when my client lands a great opportunity, I get a bonus of 5% of their first year’s gross salary.

I love this because there is no doubt that my goals and my client’s are aligned. We are in a true win-win partnership.

When I tell this to prospective clients, they get it immediately. My sales process has become incredibly easy. Now, I just need to ensure that the clients I take on are willing to do the work.

The voting hasn’t started yet. I’ll let you know when it does. I truly am breaking the rules.

I can almost taste the fried catfish in New Orleans this summer when the awards are given out 🙂

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