From The Boomer Business Owner – Never Too Old to Start a Business

baby_boomer_laptop_autumn-320x180Contrary to popular wisdom, older small business owners can have a better chance for success. I had fun expanding on this topic in a guest post for The Boomer Business Owner blog. I begin:

“As the Jethro Tull anthem says, ‘You’re never too old to rock ‘n’ roll if you’re too young to die.’

As a Boomer, I find myself thinking about this from time to time. Don’t you?

I work with professionals who range in age from 45-65. Many of them feel that they are ready to really make a big push in their careers or grow a business.

These professionals have life experiences, skills, and judgment. They also may now finally have the time to start a business.”

Read the rest of You’re Never Too Old to Rock ‘n’ Roll or Start a Business here.

(Spoiler alert: the statistics will surprise you!)

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