I Dial Down Anxiety LIVE Starting November 11, 2020

The I Dial Down Anxiety 10-day eCourse has been in soft launch mode for a few months, and people who have gone through the course love it.

However, even people who happily paid for the course and wanted the information struggled to carve out the time – about 15 minutes a day – to go through the bite-sized video(s) and related articles.

The completion rate for online courses is dismal… *sigh*

Isn’t improving your mindset, focus, and productivity worth 15 minutes a day?

Isn’t staying out of overwhelm and falling asleep faster worth showing up?

Heck yes!

Which is why I’m adding in a LIVE component to give you extra support and accountability.

It’s ALIIIIIVE! (OK, just live.)

Live Support and Accountability in a Private Facebook Group

Your mind may be a dangerous neighborhood right now. Between the pandemic, the economy, working virtually, and homeschooling, you might have a lot on your plate.

This course will give you tools and techniques to get through these challenging times.

We’ll have a watch party in a private Facebook group every day for 10 days at 3:00 PM EST. We’ll be watching the short training videos together and I’ll be interacting and answering your questions.

It’s the accountability everyone has been asking for!

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You’ll also receive the daily emails, including the videos and related content in your inbox, so you can file them away for future reference.

Daily Course Content in Your Inbox for 10 Days

Each daily email includes:

– Text introduction to what we’ll be covering
– Links to resources I reference
– A short (8-15 minute) video with me
– Additional video(s) you might find interesting

Strategies and Tactics That Work for Busy Professionals

The video topics for the 10 days of the course are:

Day 1: Noticing – Starting where you are and normalizing anxiety
Day 2: Acknowledging – Shifting your story and adjusting your language
Day 3: Meditating – Understanding meditation and what it is not
Day 4: Starting – Getting past inertia and avoiding overwhelm
Day 5: Naming – Dialoging with anxiety to decrease its power
Day 6: Breathing – Noticing your breath and triggering calm
Day 7: Moving – Shaking it off (Taylor Swift was right)
Day 8: Resting – Embracing sleep hygiene strategies
Day 9: Releasing – Exploring healing modalities with Shweta Shyamani
Day 10: Integrating – Creating new habits and engaging curiosity

Information You Will Use

Video marketing expert Lou Bortone and I talk about what we personally do to manage our anxiety, and Lou shares what he loved about the course.

Many People Are Struggling

If you’ve been struggling, you’re not alone.

Already, a third of Americans are feeling severe anxiety, according to Census Bureau data, and nearly a quarter show signs of depression. A recent poll by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the pandemic had negatively affected the mental health of 56 percent of adults. In April, texts to a federal emergency mental-health line were up 1,000 percent from the year before.

This Is Not a Normal Mental Health Disaster


Join me on Wednesday, November 11 at 3:00 PM EST in our private Facebook group and start taking back control of your mind.

There’s a volume knob and you can turn down the negative self-talk and unhelpful things your mind may be telling you.

You have more control than you think.

What People Are Saying

Catherine has come up with something that is so unique and fills an enormous need right now. We are all living in a new space and trying to force ourselves to accept anxiety as a new normal. It is not, it doesn’t have to be. I highly recommend signing up for Catherine’s program to guide you toward some inner peace, a practice that allows you to continue the process, and something you can truly use for a lifetime.

Sue Koch | Social Media Strategist | Professional Speaker | Business Consultant and Trainer

The Support You Need

This course will give you simple tools you can use every day. Just click the Buy Now button and we’ll get you started.

The first Facebook live will be on Wednesday, November 11 at 3:00 PM EST.

Just $97 – click Buy Now

Disclaimer: Catherine Morgan is not a mental health professional. Catherine is a career transition expert who has helped clients navigate job loss, business and personal reinvention, and perfect storms of icky stuff in their lives. These are tried and true techniques that she has used personally and with her clients for the past 10 years.