From – Small Business Lessons from Karaoke

singing karaoke Business lessons can be found in the strangest places. I spoke 20 times last year, but singing karaoke makes me anxious.

And I like to sing! There are recordings of me singing on YouTube. So I really WANT to like singing karaoke…

You can read about my recent experience “Small Business Lessons from Karaoke” here. I begin:

“Sooner or later you will end up at an event or bar with friends or colleagues who want to sing karaoke. Resistance is futile.

Maybe you enjoy showing off your inner rock star. Or maybe you pick the shortest, easiest song that is more like talking because you can’t stay on key to save your life. (Pro tip: Sometimes gusto and getting the crowd involved can make up for being tone deaf.)

I have no fear of speaking in front of a group, but singing karaoke makes me nervous. Weird, right? So when a friend suggested that we go sing, I said yes as an attempt to take myself out of my comfort zone.”

There are some good takeaways, so you might want to check out the full post here.

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