Acing the Interview: Practicing Gets Results

Recently I have been giving my Acing the Interview talk around the Chicago area. There are few things more important in the job search process than practicing your interviewing skills. It really is true that you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Competition is tough out there! There are lots of qualified candidates and you need to have your answers to the standard questions nailed down and in your back pocket.

While you can’t know all the questions you will be asked, you can prepare for the most common ones. 

What happens when you do? You will send me an e-mail like this after:

Thanks to your seminar I was able to control the interview…one that I was not even expecting. I was interviewed for an hour and considered for 3 positions!

Thanks again.

Or maybe you need some one-on-one coaching because you have some special circumstances or are a little rusty. Here’s a recent client thank-you note:

Things went well with my <company> interview! Thanks again for your coaching and advice. I felt prepared and comfortable.

What’s the ROI on attending my seminar or signing up for an Interview Question Coaching session? I would have to say priceless. Look what I received last Friday:

Just to let you know, I nailed the second interview with <company> and they offered me the position. So thanks for the positive info from your seminar. I know I have a great personality but I think your seminar helped a bit too…lol.

Have a great weekend and thanks again.

This is why I get out of bed in the morning. Can I help you to ace your next interview? 

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