Chicken Little Is Right

Photo by Sven Hornburg on Unsplash

Who remembers the story about Chicken Little running around yelling, “The sky is falling! The sky is falling!”

My thought this morning is Chicken Little is right. The sky IS falling for many of us.

Maybe you were laid off and are struggling financially, wondering how long it will take you to get back to work.

Maybe you’ve watched your business that took you 10 years to build go under in months or weeks. Hitting rock bottom doesn’t hurt as much the third or fourth time….

The image I have is of a crash pad at the end of the balance beam for gymnasts. Gymnasts take incredible leaps and fly through the air, falling quickly – but the crash pad softens the landing. One of the things I do best is help clients soften the fall and stick the landing so they can move forward somehow.

I coached a client – and his wife – into great jobs just weeks before they would have lost everything.

I worked closely with a client while she was losing her house and losing her mind.

I have been the person on speed dial for a client helping a parent through the last stages of life, and while the family later blew apart arguing over settling the estate.

These professionals also needed to get back to work or rebuild their business. They needed someone who could help them strategize and prioritize all aspects of their lives.

This is where I can help the most – softening the final fall and re-launching a professional after a crushing blow. This is truly the work I am here to do.

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